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About Peakway Software

Peakway Software LLC is a small independent game studio located in Apex, North Carolina. The company was founded in May of 2015 by Kevin Nelson. Kevin went to NC State where he received his degree in computer science. He has worked for multiple game companies in the area since 1997. During this time he was part of shipping several games including a MMO, console games, and pc games. As an engineer he has also worked on visualization software, and 3D scanning/printing software. Through all of this his passion has been to develop RPG games similar to the ones that he enjoyed. 

He loves computer role playing games and playing with friends so he wants to make a game that combines both of those. He also loves games with modding support so he wanted to make games that are as easy as possible to mod. Modding extends the lifetime of a game and adds tremendous value and power to the players and that excites us too. That is why he put a lot of work into an integrated editor that allows players to make their own adventures and campaigns, play them with friends, and share them with others. As much as possible he is working to build the game through the same tools that are available to any player that owns the game. He has been amazed by what the modding community has done with other games and is really excited to see what modders can do with the tools in Isles of Adalar.

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